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Out-patient care refers to medical treatment that does not require an overnight stay at a living care facility. This can include routine services such as checkups or visits to the clinic. We provide out-patient consultations, counselling, therapies and assessments for a variety of psychological, psychiatric and other mental healthcare & well-being services. Treatments are available for depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, drug addiction, autism, ADHD, sleep disorders, marital counseling etc.

The clinic also provides treatment for specialized populations including seniors, women, and patients with a co-existing medical disorder. Our team consists of reputed and experienced Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors and Nurseswho are trained in integrating latest techniques treatment.

Out-Patient Care is available 7 days a week.


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    We at our centre thinks that mental health is even more important than physical health. A sound mind is the centre of a happy and prosperous human being. We at our center have a mission to offer the best mental health services to everyone at affordable cost.


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    Our vision is to make society aware about and empower people. The hazards of mental illnesses. To lead healthy and prosperous professional and personal life.