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In-patient care refers to medical treatment that is provided in a living care facility for the treatment. The focus of in-patient care is to stabilize the patient’s symptoms, improve emotional well-being, and restore functional abilities to help patients manage their daily lives. For people who are experiencing a mental health crisis, brief hospitalization can provide immediate intervention in a managed environment to quickly address symptoms.

Our patients receive an intensive, individualized program that combines therapy and medication within the safety of our in-patient units. When patients are admitted, our psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses, use a team approach for crisis stabilization. Patients receive care in a controlled and peaceful environment.

We deliver clinically effective evidence based treatments through diverse programs which include supported living, active rehabilitation, secure & intensive care programs.

A variety of rooms are available as per individual’s needs and preferences.


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    We at our centre thinks that mental health is even more important than physical health. A sound mind is the centre of a happy and prosperous human being. We at our center have a mission to offer the best mental health services to everyone at affordable cost.


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    Our vision is to make society aware about and empower people. The hazards of mental illnesses. To lead healthy and prosperous professional and personal life.