We offer advanced treatments for alcohol and drug addiction treatments which include detoxification, de-addiction, rehabilitation & after-care and relapse prevention strategies. The addiction recovery programs are offered as both in-patient and outpatient care, for short-stay or long-stay services.

Many people from different walks of life can struggle with addiction regardless of whether or not the risk factors are prevalent in their lives. Addiction does not discriminate. Alcohol is commonly abused due to the easy access and the lack of stigma around binge drinking and being in social events. Alcoholism is actually very common and over consumption could have serious adverse effects on health.

Drug and alcohol addictions can affect your personal relationships and make it difficult to focus on work or school. Many people have their health, finances, relationships, careers and lives turned upside down by drug addiction. When drugs are used over periods of time, the brain changes in response to prolonged exposure to those drugs. Cravings tend to get stronger and withdrawals tend to get worse. Thanks to modern day drug and alcohol treatment, the de-addiction process has improved.

Many people think that they have to reach rock bottom before they seek help. This is a common and dangerous misconception. The truth is that it is never too soon to get help. The earlier substance abusers realize they may have a problem, the quicker the chances of success. As time goes on, continued substance abuse may make recovery a much longer process. Ultimately, prevention is the best solution to addiction, but for those who are currently struggling, we are here to help.


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    We at our centre thinks that mental health is even more important than physical health. A sound mind is the centre of a happy and prosperous human being. We at our center have a mission to offer the best mental health services to everyone at affordable cost.


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    Our vision is to make society aware about and empower people. The hazards of mental illnesses. To lead healthy and prosperous professional and personal life.